A Way of Looking Back to the Birth of Sustainable Development

ImageA positive response, concrete work plan, immediate implementation of frameworks and strict monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development program are very important for the successful survival of all human creatures in this planet. In the last decade or two, this has been a cry, a plea and a stand of leaders and advocates around the world, especially of youth leaders.

Let us look back how on how it all stated twenty years ago, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, world leaders, heads of the governments, non-government organizations and other stakeholder groups were gathered, and has set forth the history of sustainable development agenda and definition at the international community.

 The aim of the conference is to create a program of action for sustainable development worldwide. More than 178 countries/governments adopted the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. Together they fulfill the mandate of the conference, to devise an integrated strategy that would reverse the negative impact of human behavior on the environment and to promote an environmentally sustainable economic development to all countries.

Agenda 21 and its principle are the important outputs of the conference, a comprehensive blueprint of action that the governments and states must take serious implementation. But how many of the countries in the world actually have a localized version of Agenda 21? How did we measure its impact and success and its implementation? Was it localized and internalized at the lowest unit of the?  Are we able to educate the people and the general public about Sustainable Development? Do people understand the importance and urgency of sustainable development?

Reality was seen in the Rio Conference, human way of living has reached an end point, the world cannot survive with the present lifestyle, consumption patterns, policies and economic divisions among countries – continuous poverty, illiteracy, sickness and destruction of our ecosystem will lead to the extinction of human race.

Drastic change should be made. Improvement to the standards of living, poverty eradication, education, and protection of the ecosystem are just but among the priority focus of sustainable development to ensure the survival of this planet. But no single country can be successful in doing this alone. The global family must work together for the harmonious and sustainable living of mankind.

But just as sustainable development is so complex, so is the concern of its sustainability. How can leaders from the local, national and international development ensure of its sustainability across generation. How do we ensure that we won’t end up having the same problem of the environment and community years from now, until when will the people be conserving the environment once it is rehabilitated? These are just some of the crucial realization that has to be catered if we want to guarantee that issues of sustainable development won’t just repeat itself after some time in the future.



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